In-Between Memories: Nepal

I remember the terrace steps of the mountainous terrain from the seat of my plane.
The impossible beauty of the landscape as we walked out of Tribhuvan International Airport.
Thinking how "green" and "lush" everything was after two weeks in Kabul. 
Having to pinch myself (figuratively)... "I... am... in... Nepal." Coy smile, ear to ear.
The need for a beer and a place to rest my head; but the visuals are just too much to take in, the absolute beauty of it all is overwhelming.
Kathmandu Guest House entrance is just lovely... "Oh, the Beatles stayed here?!"
... and Ricky Martin as well.
Take my shoes off to feel the grass as we walk towards our room, remember thinking that this would be a great place to take loved one... or a lover.
Pizza and Raksi at "Fire & Ice"
The smell of incense and bad "world music" on our to "Pilgrims Book House."
Walking past the Pashupatinath Temple by the banks of the holy Bagmati river and stealing a glance at the mournful, male masses during a cremation ceremony.
The wonder that was ancient Bhaktapur.

The utter sadness of all this tragedy, at times, overwhelming. We are deeply touched by the horrible events in Nepal. Our friends are safe and we are doing our best to help them during this terrible time.

We thank you all for your well wishes, we love you all!

With Love,


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