Nepal: Reflections

When I return to Kathmandu this august, I will be arriving to a different city!  For the past 21 years I have been traveling to Nepal, twice a year, to develop my work. My last visit to Kathmandu was January 2015.  Our studio is in Thamel, not far from Kathmandu Durbar Square, one of three squares designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. My friend Laxmi and I would walk through the narrow streets of Thamel or I would ride ­anxiously on the back of her motor bike. We zipped here and there to purchase threads, zippers, fabrics for lining and anything that our Master Tailor would need. Traveling by motorbike around Khathmandu has always been the most enthralling experience. When idle I could hear the conversations of Nepalese men selling fruit, young students laughing on their way to school, the stark and beautiful urban landscape, kids running around and the ever present sounds of cars/mopeds/motorcycles honking. 

ventured my way through Durbar Square to get wherever I needed to go so often, that I never really paid attention to the beauty of the temples, the statuesque calmness of it all. My daily rituals in Nepal focused on work not sightseeing. The choreography of my day would not allow for such things. And now… it’s all gone.

The places and some of the people I crossed paths with are gone. I wonder what happened to the beautiful ladies selling vegetables, fruits and the lovely Marigold flowers on the grounds of the temples. Or what happen to the beautifully adorned rickshaws and their owners.

We have been grief-stricken with all the devastation. The tragic news seems to compound in scale and anguish day after day. And our hearts, my heart, is weighted with compassion and anguish.  

Nepal will once again thrive, it will take time but she will be back. For now, we will do what we can, help in whatever way we can and remember the moments that made us feel alive with beauty.

Thank you all for your well wishes. The outpouring of love from our friends all over the world has been remarkable and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

With Sincere Love,


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