• ½ gallon whole organic milk
  • 3 tablespoons good quality whole milk yogurt with live and active cultures
  • Heavy bottom deep pan
  • Two 2 pint size jars with tight fitting lids, disinfected and dry
  • Thermometer (optional)

I think making yogurt overnight is the best way to do it. There's nothing like waking up to a fresh batch to have with your breakfast. Letting the milk rest in the oven (turned off, of course) is the ideal spot, the 'cozy' temperature of the oven is just right for turning milk into yogurt. Don't forget to set aside 3 tablespoons of your finished yogurt to use as a starter for your next batch before you gobble it all down.

Pour the milk into a deep, heavy bottom saucepan and set over medium heat. Cook stirring occasionally, until the milk reaches 185°. You can test this using an instant read thermometer or gauge it by cooking the milk just until it is on the verge of boiling. Look for lots of tiny bubbles on the surface of the milk. This will take about 15 minutes depending on your pan and stove. Remove the milk from the heat and let is cool to 110°. This will take about an hour.  

While the milk cools down, put the starter yogurt into a medium bowl and stir with a fork until creamy.  Once the milk has cooled to 110°, pour into the bowl and stir for 2 minutes to make sure the yogurt and milk are mixed well.

Pour the milk into the jars and close the lids tightly.  Place the jars on baking tray right next to each other so they can keep each other warm, cover with several dishcloths to make them cozy.  Place them in a warm place, such as near the stove, for 9-12 hours to rest. 


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