Monk Cotton Quilted Jacket

Monk Cotton Quilted Jacket


The cotton quilted Monk jacket has been one of my favorite jackets! The Monk jacket is quilted using lightweight cotton fabric. We only made the Monk jacket in black and white. Great for all seasons and super comfortable  when traveling! The white color can be machine washed in gentle cycle, brief dryer will do and I do not recommend ironing or dry-cleaning. However, I do recommend for the black color, one has to use small, I mean small amount of detergent for keeping the black color from fading--please note that the more cotton darker colors are washed, the more faded it becomes--(it can be dyed, but it is a messy process), or avoid frequent washing, strong detergents, and keep it away from strong light when it is stored. otherwise, it is one of the best jacket that there is. 

For correct sizing, please refer to our sizing chart or call us and we will be happy to help you out.

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