Genuine Suede Square Top

Genuine Suede Square Top


Our suedes are made from the finest softest quality leather.  Due to the fine quality, we do not use lining for our suedes.  It does not rub on to the clothes and it will not take water spots! The square top, we made them in two styles: high neck,  left the natural edge as is and small side slits. The 2nd piece, is made in Almond color but due to the suede pieces, the bottom part of the suede is a shade darker than the top part.  It has high neck but has raw cut edges (unstitched), added two front square pockets, side slits.

My recommendation, that our suedes should NEVER be dry cleaned. wear it as long as oil, pen marks and sharp objets can be avoided. Otherwise, let it age and the more it is worn the nicer it becomes. 

If not sure, please call us and we will be more than happy to help you with your questions.

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