Ajrakh Hand Block Print Dupatta (Shawl)

Ajrakh Hand Block Print Dupatta (Shawl)


Our cotton, hand-block printed, Ajrakh Dupatta (shawl) is perfect keeping you warm. Ajrakh is a traditional method of hand block printed and 'resist dyeing' using indigo, madder and printed mordants. This specific method of production is limited to very few places on earth; namely Pakistan and India. Produced by the Khatri community of dyers and printers, Ajrakh is the most complex of their many textile products.



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Hand-washing is recommended. Indigo dye may bleed, therefore, we recommend wearing rubber gloves while hand-washing the shawl. The Indigo dye will settle after few washes in warm water. 

Our garments are hand-cut and made from all-natural fabrics, therefore sizes may vary. We encourage you to call us should you have any questions regarding sizing. 

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