Pua Naturally is a Washington, D.C. based, retail studio founded by Zarmina Said. We work directly with a cooperative of master tailors, seamstresses and block printers in Nepal and India. All of our products are lovingly made one at a time using non-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes and natural fabrics. Proudly made in India, Nepal and the United States. 

Zarmina started Pua Naturally over 20 years ago after a serendipitous introduction to Indian handicrafts in a Rajasthan gallery. The beautiful colors and patterns juxtaposed with centuries old, traditional techniques of production humbled Zarmina. The amount of time and skill required to create such beautiful work inspired Zarmina to develop and design a collection back in the states. She rented a kiosk at a local mall in the DC area and soon demand for her collection grew, Zarmina moved to our current location in the Penn Quarter area of Washington, D.C.

For over 20 years Pua Naturally has used the same cooperative of master tailors, seamstresses and block printers from Nepal and India. We are a creative collective, a family of skilled artists creating beautiful products that are truly one of a kind.